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On the final edition of the Pregame Podcast for the 2017 season, Chris Karpman of Sun Devils Source joins the podcast to discuss the matchup with Arizona State in the Sun Bowl. Karpman discusses the versatility of quarterback Manny Wilkins, both sides of the ball for ASU and where the team currently stands with its head coach fired and offensive coordinator already leaving the team.

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On this week's podcast, Carlos Rodon and Elliott Avent join Editor R. Cory Smith live from The Players' Retreat to discuss everything baseball -- Wolfpack and White Sox. Whether it's the battles between Rodon and Avent when Rodon didn't want to come out of games, the camaraderie of NC State baseball or life after playing for the Pack, everything is discussed in this week's podcast.

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Following the signing of 21 players on the first ever early National Signing Day, Cory and Steve break down what the haul looks like for NC State. Which position saw the most growth? Which player has the highest expectations? Who is the underrated player with the most upside? The Pack Pride crew breaks it all down for the No. 22 class in the country.

On this week's Pack Pride Podcast from The Players' Retreat, our recruiting blowout episode includes Steve Wiltfong and Evan Daniels of 247Sports.

Wiltfong and Daniels break down both NC State football and basketball recruiting classes, respectively, along with national headlines, which players will make the most immediate impact and more as both classes are nearly wrapped up.

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On this week's Pack Pride Podcast from The Players' Retreat, former NC State basketball star Tom Gugliotta joins Cory and Deuce to discuss playing in the Old Barn, Jim Valvano and longevity in the NBA as a 13-year veteran.

Cory and Deuce also take a look back at a wild week for NC State athletics between football and basketball making headlines nationally.

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Following the signing of a new contract that will keep NC State head coach Dave Doeren in Raleigh for at least the next five years, Cory and Steve Williams discuss what this means for the program. With focus on angles such as recruiting, returning juniors/graduates and what it means for the continuity of coordinators, Pack Pride covers every angle for Wolfpack Nation.